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mErZeE's News

Posted by mErZeE - September 24th, 2017

hay I'm MeRzEe from channel MeRzEe on YouTube. I'm looking for a voice actress that can go the mile so I can focus on bringing out the web comics to the masses. you see I use to run the web comic GrimTales on my YouTube channel all dubbed and sounding hot, but my last voice actress fell off and then 80+ girls later I still haven't gotten a new voice. so if you have the passion and the willingness to go that mile and help me out you will be in some good productions that you can brag about to people. if you need a taste ill figure out how to put a link in...

I hope this works 1 2 3


that link will take you to a playlist that should show you what I'm talking about ^_^
ill be ready to use you asap. all ill need is to talk to you via discord or skype or what ever so ill give you the link to my discord and my email for skype.

Discord general chat

Email for skype

so if your ready to make something for yourself then hit me up at those places. you wont regret it.


Posted by mErZeE - September 8th, 2016

uiso my time away was by design. needed some time away from like no one geting me jobs to pull an egoraptor. now im doing my own shit. my fab shit is so good that my mic couldent handel it. so i figured while my mic is away i could post my best work and idk see if i cant get back into newgrounds. so im here if you need sound make happeners or voice acting. please tear my shit apart. it helps me make it better.

If you like it enugh to subscribe then please do. i could realy use the support in this wierd transition peropd. my mic is off to the land of SCREAM to get fixed, or replaced. its just so strange to not have it. what is a voice actor without his mic. ill tell you just a regular depressed guy. well if you want to talk shop i uh dont have anything else going on.



Posted by mErZeE - May 2nd, 2016

on a chat with an awsome indeviduial known as MrWife, and all of a suddon. poof new channel art! lots of thanks to her fpr this bad ass pic. you should check out all the art on her channel.


here it is 5182093_146221876771_coolpic2.png

sexy right?

Posted by mErZeE - May 1st, 2016

Just got done with chapter two. I'm thinking of going back to chapter one because chapter two is way more awesome. so just some minor music inserts for moods, and maybe some sound effect checks. no demo this time but maybe for chapter two there will be a video with some snippets throughout it. (holy shit snippets is a real word. no shit look it up.) may make a video about why its going to take a bit for chapter 3, but for a short version. my voice actrice is having problems with money, family, and living situations. just know I am working on all the male parts, but if you would like to be her understudy please just speak up and ill give you a listen. if you good then ill give you a shot. there will be 3 understudy parts so ya know limited spots. ( btw ya dang right its copy paste)  

Posted by mErZeE - April 26th, 2016

life is wierd right now. from voice actrices haveing problems, to a job i hate. life is just bursting with lessons about maturity. so here we are makeing yet another news video about a comic that should be done by now. all well whats another monthe of production among friends. its not all that bad though i made a video.​all well whats another monthe of production among friends. its not all that bad though i made a video.



also i put out a demo if you havent seen it yet. this is ecentialy how grimtales is going to be. so if you have any comments or crit of the constructed variaty let me know.




theres also a prodution forum for all you people out there that would like to know anything about it. drop questions like nukes, and ask away.​




thanks so much for you time, and thankyou for your waitingness.


Posted by mErZeE - March 13th, 2016

hay all i have a new video explaining the futere of GT see link



Posted by mErZeE - February 8th, 2016

yet another anime loot box. if you like this shit then give it a watch. if your not into it. leave your hate in the comments below.


Posted by mErZeE - February 3rd, 2016

to those of you out there that have heard me read these storys before i would like to say that im finally going to be useing them. to those of you who have yet to hear them you are in for a treat. its about a small town witha  dark side. can you live smalll town life or go insane trying. this and and more you will find out in my BADTIME STORYS.



would love to hear your opinions. i know theres not much to go on, but i swear the storys are good. well i think. guess thats up to the viewer.


Posted by mErZeE - December 10th, 2015

hello invertabrothers and not yet people. i put up a listing about looking for a voice while also puting mine out there. so heres the deal. if your a girl (Or a guy that can sound like one) skilled with a wideish range then you could be the one. i know what im looking for. just pm me with your intrest and ill give it a read. if you have a resume. send that if your new and dont have that then dont be discuraged about coming forword. i pick people with less expearence some times time any way. gotta spread the love. ok if you made it this far congrats your cool AF. your one privat message away from possably being a voice in my next video.

Posted by mErZeE - December 2nd, 2015

resently i uploaded a video of me unboxing the first AnimeLoot crate. it seem to be well recived on youtube so i thoght my peeps on the Grounds would like to see it too. got a lot of cool shit in it, and im planing to make more.