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not bad, and food on you for the subs. only problem is that you sould probably credit the owners of the music. I don't think you would like it if TLT and Disney took your animation. so maybe do them a favor.

BillyCony responds:

Thanks for the review. The intro is my own music, and the others songs are without copyright, so I don't know who is the owner. If I find it, I will put them in credits :)

whats with the voice changes? also you need to work on a few things. like your voices and the way you mix them. no point in putting in effects if it distorts the voice to the point of needing subtitles.good effert though. sadly TL;DW.

needs subtitles. blamed.

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I don't know much about socialist politics, and being a trump supporter I have to say that it dose show the ugly side of his campaign. just dident know much about the half's platforms. that said this was a fun game with interesting points from both sides. kinda reminded me of ace aturny, but like debate instead of courtroom justice. just wish you dident pick a radical like uncle crazy fat. would love to see a calmer side to all this, that said even as a trump supporter I still wanted to put his fat ass in his place. teaching him a lesson about dick rideing. it was fun plauing devils advocate. still lost, but was still not a bad play. will play again.

Jasonario responds:

Haha I'm glad you liked it. I tried to make it fun for anyone, not just Bernie people.

when you click play the arrow geets stuck and my dude can only look in one direction. help save my arrow from becoming a little girls fantasy boy band.

I seems cool but when I click battle or any whare else it dosent start the fight im so sorry but I cant give you a full star. give it a fix and ill come back.

xinelu responds:

Fixed! It was a fail from my part =(

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YOOOOOOOOOOO that was hella as fuck. but the only part of It I dident like was the CR. its riddled, but still fly as a Jason. I mean a walk...

HazardOxyde responds:

I can't avoid the CR I'm afraid but I'm glad you like it ^.^

Really now. I beg to differ. its got a Deemo feel.list it under a different tag like mix piano. your effort went right into my faves.

HazardOxyde responds:

Thank you ^.^ <3

this one would be better with a little more log. like if satan made an observation about his surroundings.

Leo: "gee Satan this place is great!"

Satan: "thure ith Leo. nothing like
the great open doorth to realy
get the blood flowing"

Leo: " Or pee. look out tree here I come!"

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great job as always! Thick outlines get me hot.

wow. this stuff is interesting. are you into illustration. because with some work you may have something here.

DUDE this toats looks like a Magic card. wats yo fam thinkin. you art like a beast.

Lt-Raume responds:

Magic cards..*a single tear falls* that's the best thing i could hear m8
Thanks :'')

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