hay been awhile

2016-09-08 16:55:45 by mErZeE

uiso my time away was by design. needed some time away from like no one geting me jobs to pull an egoraptor. now im doing my own shit. my fab shit is so good that my mic couldent handel it. so i figured while my mic is away i could post my best work and idk see if i cant get back into newgrounds. so im here if you need sound make happeners or voice acting. please tear my shit apart. it helps me make it better.

If you like it enugh to subscribe then please do. i could realy use the support in this wierd transition peropd. my mic is off to the land of SCREAM to get fixed, or replaced. its just so strange to not have it. what is a voice actor without his mic. ill tell you just a regular depressed guy. well if you want to talk shop i uh dont have anything else going on.




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