Entry #29

call out casting call call.

2017-09-24 09:10:38 by mErZeE

hay I'm MeRzEe from channel MeRzEe on YouTube. I'm looking for a voice actress that can go the mile so I can focus on bringing out the web comics to the masses. you see I use to run the web comic GrimTales on my YouTube channel all dubbed and sounding hot, but my last voice actress fell off and then 80+ girls later I still haven't gotten a new voice. so if you have the passion and the willingness to go that mile and help me out you will be in some good productions that you can brag about to people. if you need a taste ill figure out how to put a link in...

I hope this works 1 2 3


that link will take you to a playlist that should show you what I'm talking about ^_^
ill be ready to use you asap. all ill need is to talk to you via discord or skype or what ever so ill give you the link to my discord and my email for skype.

Discord general chat

Email for skype

so if your ready to make something for yourself then hit me up at those places. you wont regret it.


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